equipment list

contact for details + pricing ::::


squish + fluff :

1000 square feet foam dance flooring

8+ queen size mattresses, sheets, pillows

LED water bed ‘chillo’ (chill + pillow)


body tools :

buffers : small and large, battery and corded

back massaging canes

foam rollers

massage tables

body bridge


inflatables : yoga balls, peanuts, doughnuts, udders rafts, kiddie swimming pools…

the tesla of yoga swings


a crew of body geniuses specializing in :

contact improvisation


{SomasenS somatic magic}

therapeutic lapdance

dance performance


holistic hygiene :

steam bath


nutrition :

sawesome sauce

raw ‘blunts’ : sprouts, probiotic green sauce, avocado


Transportation :

2 schwagons (plush portable bodywork wagons)

cuddle shuttle bus