who commissions SomanautZ ? 

innovators who recognize, catalyze, and propagate pioneering technologies. these patrons are influential early adopters who relish sharing evolutionary arts, culture, and performance experiences with their communities.


what types of events do you populate ?

conferences, transformational festivals, private beach parties, fundraisers, launch parties, gatherings of humans.


what do SomanautZ bring to spaces ?

Somatically :

we bring awareness to the body through expanding embodied attention; a sense of play and wonder; pioneers in performance healing, bodywork, dance; nourishing platonic touch; ecstatic exploration of felt sense.

Structurally :

considering desired environmental conditions results in spatial ‘squish’ engineering : eg. if atmosphere is amenable to a temporary home base an embodiment encampment is erected from which exploratory forays are ventured; if aerial anchor points are present in native architecture suspension swings are rigged + weightless condition experts are on-hand to ensure native populations to the region engage safely with newly developed technologies.

extensive equipment list

how many SomanautZ come to events ? how do you decide who from the crew attends ?

number / specialties of crew members we deploy depends on native environment & mission goals and has ranged from 1-25+ SomanautZ . our conversant captain curates the team appropriate for the terrain / atmosphere and resources available.

At an event how do I interact with the SomanautZ ?

suggestions / guidelines