Gerry Robinson

Paleosomatic Professional

Office line : 510.540.4778

Paleosomatic Bodywork is easy, safe, super effective, and can be done anywhere (typically in flat locations). There is no oil, the client is fully clothed, and the touch is non-sexual, loving, and playful.

Paleosomatic Bodywork : Fun, easy bodywork and emotional expansion has arrived!

With minimal training and physical ability you can do profound core work for friends, family and clients through applying your weight and stillness to the whole body. Paleosomatic Bodywork (PSB) can be done on almost any floor or flat area and it’s a godsend for bodyworkers and clients who desire core flexibility and strength.

PSB opens the ribcage, adjusting the entire spine from your shoulders down to the sacroiliac and hip joints.

Both Giver and Receiver benefit almost equally while the Practitioner properly supports the Client with pillows and carefully leans, rolls, and possibility sits on the Receiver flowing between moments of movement and pauses to deepen into stillness and balance. These moves are akin to Shiatsu or Thai Theory but PSB gently goes much deeper to the core or torso.  The belly and viscera are affected positively. The head, neck, and limbs are activated by not directly involved in introductory first work (in advanced work these aspects are later added).

In introductory sessions, the Client is passive, lying facedown propped on pillows. In the second tier the Client lies sideways, and in the third tier, face up.

To get a sense of the organic origins of this work picture pinnipeds (seals and walruses) socializing, rolling on each other, sunning, conserving heat and digesting dinner on a beach. Visualize early primate humans rolling around the fire. Reflect on your own memories as a child body play tumbling with other kids or large pet dogs.

Remember and regain your Paleosomatic Birthright!

This deepest and easier form of bodywork was developed primarily by several Bay Area Bodyworkers / Dancers trained in Contact Improvisation (among other modalities). This Contact Improvisation Dance form training allows full body contact in a non-sexual context and when does slowly or with stillness is a focused expansion of the contact point.

It is a shame that physically and emotionally most ‘Western’ humans daily are limited in their physical connective expression – sitting, standing, and lying down with only the rare handshake or hug. PSB is a way to offer or receive physical and emotional contact in community and get the same benefits as exercise, yoga, and massage in one !


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