Stackumup~ Function stacking in physical therapeutic engagement

In this experiential experimental playshop of a practice I call Mortal contact, we will explore different ways to use our bodies in a mutually therapeutic fashion combining bone stacking with body stacking to maximize impact while minimizing effort. In a practice that takes massage out of a dyadic form of giver and receiver into a mutual and even group collective experience.
All of the tension in our bodies is the product of our relationship to gravity so what better way to disrupt the patterns than with gravity and body weight itself.

We will take most of the work out of bodywork by steaming ourselves nice and tender first in a custom geo steam pod. As we crawl our way out of the steam alchemy and into the squishy romper room we will explore what is possible when crawling and rolling on each other. As we start to lose track of who is on top and end up above and below each other simultaneously. We will discover the transformational potential of support and the liberation in compression.

Steamy time will start at noon and go until 2 pm so come early enough in that window to get your melt on.

At 2 pm we will move into the squish to drop into the space, ourselves and each other.

After a few hours of working up an appetite doing guided

exploration, we will yum each other up with the kind foodstuffs from 4 pm until sunset. At which point we will be free to play in whatever way the collective feels inspired.

Overnight says possible – please contact X Razma

Purple (Perp-heal Erik) will be facilitating this exploration. With 20 years of research and development in his own approach to bodywork, he has taken most of the work out of it and created a form that is both easy and deeply impactful as well as mutually beneficial so it’s a win-win for everyone.

WYLD, “When You Listen Deeply,” is Graciously hosting this event at their emerging Community Center. The address will be given to registered attendees. 5 minutes outside of the town of boulder creek CA 95006

Bring 2 towels for steaming, organic veg foods to share and money to contribute to space and facilitation.

$60-111 recommended donation, sliding scale, all forms accepted. venmo xrazma to secure your space :

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