Somatic Seed Saving

What somatic seeds are you saving ?

 Somatic Soul Nutrition ::

Grief as praise

Gratitude for what had been previously taken for granted

what z SomanautZ were privileged to birth into being

A new way of being together in deep delight,

corporeally collaborating via

SomaSenZ :

In dance-bodywork, restful repose space-creating pauses, & smooth  stretching,

Mutual massage multiplying benefits of stacking functions & bodies

Empathetic embodiment entangling : We cannot do this alone




“I need all the nutrition”

Heard at z end :

How are you feeding your emotional, physical nutrition my friend?

How are you tending to your body temple, your psyche, your soul?

Living as an inspiring mirror amplifier aiding you to hear the voice of your inner wisdom is my goal

Beloved, treat yourself tenderly in these times of transformation :

Slow down, rest, dream, and in watching :

let the grief settle as soft snow upon the memories of what has been put on pause, so that we gain clarity for what matters to our shared hearts

These moments of meandering in memory guide us to what we are willing to put forth energy into bringing back :
What seeds are you saving?.

What are you Cultivating?

Z video story : As heart-core Heart Tribe healers, we towed squished-out Body Bliss Wonder Wagons behind our bikes to have a mobile massage platform to gift bodywork anywhere on playa.




  @erikperpheal at @abraxasdragon weds night / Thursday sunrise procession to Temple : 2017.

Custom leather forest fairy boots by @treadlightgear

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